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2 out of 3 women prefer TEMPTUair to classical makeup ! Why ?

The TEMPTU Airbrush-Makeup-Revolution

Always flawless, always natural looking, light as air – how does it work ?

It is the principle of TEMPTUair: less is more!

TEMPTU foundations contain very concentrated, highly covering pigments, the patented Airbrush-System delivers a micro-fine mist on your skin. Therefore you need much less make-up to perfectly cover imperfections.

The result:

Your flawless skin looks perfectly natural and fresh, the foundation is weightless on your skin.

Nobody can see that you wear make-up, you do not feel that you wear make-up. With TEMPTUair you get compliments for your beautiful skin, not for your make-up !

This illustration shows the difference between TEMPTUair and classical make-up applications.

Temptu Airbrush

TEMPTUair - less is more: no lines, no streaks. Just a flawless, natural looking finish.

An easy, clean and fast solution for perfect make-up – how does it work ?

It is the principle of TEMPTUair:  easier is better!

So easy:

Click in your foundation pod, switch on the wireless device – get started.

So clean:

no sponges or brushes, no sticky fingers. Only air and make-up touches your skin.

So fast:

in only a few minutes you create the perfect look Your foundation is instantly applied in a uniform way and gives a stunning coverage, that last all day!

When using TEMPTUair you spend your mornings with a cup of coffee instead of wasting time with your make-up-sponge!

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New Perfect Canvas Foundaion and Brush

TEMPTU Hydra Lock 24 Hours Makeup

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New Perfect Canvas Foundaion

NEW Perfect Canvas Foundation

apply by hand or by air!

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